Rainbow’s End

Is marriage a scam? Why are most marriages rosy initially and becomes hellish later? Why would two consenting, love struck adults come together in matrimony only to begin to fight or detest each other. The first question that always features when things go south is, WHAT HAPPENED? Yes, what really happened? I mean, these are... Continue Reading →

Ride to Stardom

I hopped in with my belt fastened, It’d be an enlightening ride, I envisaged.On a safety speed of 60 km/h, I rode.'Twas a fascinating crinkum-crankum road,So I meandered meticulously And I shifted the gears skilfully. They all beamed at me, looking for favour,I grinned back with a charm to savour. They attempted to clip my wings With enticing compliments and blings, Yet at my back they... Continue Reading →


Miss Descriptive! You empower the mind to express,Diva Modifier! You bless Mr. Pro-Noun with extra finesse,Narrator! She helps Mr. Verb recount frequency, She is flexible yet dependent; she determines the rest,She regulates her protégé the Adjective; ‘Go up!' no, 'stay down!’ She commands. Boss Lady Comparer! She goes about it aptly, regardless,Did you notice how... Continue Reading →

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